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MQH Xavier X MQH Cheyenne                 


Patience was our first Mastiff and she joined our family in 1996.  We named her MQH Jasanna's Patience by using her breeder’s kennel name “MQH” and then we used “Jas” from my son's name, Jason and “anna” after me.  We added “Patience” due to the patience that we endured while studying the breed, while learning about type and testing, and while waiting until we had the right home environment to raise her along with our other animals.  Patience loved all of our animals and she was unbelievably kind and gentle to baby chicks.  She even allowed our rabbits to jump all over her.

 Patience was fully health tested which included OFA Excellent Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, OFA Thyroid, OFA Patella, Canine Eye Registry Foundation Certification (CERF) normal both eyes, and Cystinuria Negative.  Patience was the 1st PRA DNA Normal and the 1st CMR1 DNA Normal Mastiff to be included in OptiGen’s database when the tests became available to the public.  We used frozen DNA to run the CMR1 test as this test became available after her death.  Patience was also AKC DNA Analysis Profiled and Microchipped. Patience was one of the first Mastiff Club of America Gold Health Award recipients and she went on to achieve permanent status with this prestigious accomplishment. 

 Although Patience was the kindest & sweetest Mastiff in my opinion & would never hurt anyone or anything, she was extremely shy.  She only felt comfortable with me & Jason, other animals (especially babies), my sisters and my mother.  I did everything I could think of to socialize and train her to help build her confidence, but her fears were too strong to over come.  This was not the correct temperament of a Mastiff.  One of my good friends and mentors explained to me that Patience's shyness was most likely due to genetics as she personally knew of other shy family members in Patience’s pedigree.  Patience was spayed and she was never bred.  She has now passed away and I miss her dearly.







Patience's Pedigree